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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hong Kong Dim Sum at Ming Court in Ipoh

If you asked me which is the best place for dim sum in Ipoh, I'll definitely say: Foh San.
But I'm saying this partly due to the fact that I like to eat in comfortable and beautiful environment. Anyway, back to Ming Court Hong Kong dim sum, the first thing that you will realize is that it is fully packed with crowd. You will have to stand and wait next to some of the tables for people to finish and take your seats. I still fancy taking numbers and waiting for seats like the one in Foh San. Another negative part is that for most of the time, we share tables with others. If there's only 2 or 3 of us, it's better to share tables than to wait for an empty table. My friends and I waited for more than 20 mins for a seat and that is also thanks to another couple who is willing to share their table with us.

If you ask the locals (Ipohrians), they prefer this outlet for Dim Sum compared to Foh San which is just across the road. I'm probably the exception but I would agreed that the dim sum here are slightly nicer than those in Foh San...

The variety of choices that we have...

Most of the time, there will be a lady who will be carrying trays of Dim Sum around and you just pick what you like.

One thing I like about the Dim Sum in Ming Court is that they came in small little stainless steel steam pots. The dim sum here is fine and dainty unlike some that are big and overwhelming. Here, you can try more varieties of dim sum due to its petite serving.

Porridge is one of my staple diet at Dim Sum places. This one here has century eggs and tender minced pork. The porridge texture is so smooth! I do like the small portions they served here because I need to make space for other delights.

Char Siew Pao!!! This has always been my favourite since, it is really nice...the meat is tender and it isn't too fat. (I hate fatty meats) and when you bite it, one could definitely feel the BBQ flavour bursting forth...

The pork dumplings "siew mai" is another classic dim sum that I would order everytime. It's a mixture of pork with prawns and a good combination of lean meat and fats. It should be eaten while it's still warm. There are other dim sum that are extremely delicious like the prawn dumplings, "Har Gow" but since I don't fancy prawns, I couldn't really appreciate it. 
But my brother always like to eat these stuff....apparently, the prawn is fresh and succulent.

Well, let's not forget about the most important part in Dim Sum....the chinese tea...this is definitely a must and one must know how to appreciate chinese tea after tasting the delicious dim sum....

Unfortunately, since the place is always crowded with people, it is a bit difficult to savour the moment...nevertheless, Ming Court Hong Kong dim sum is a must for you to visit should you go to Ipoh!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Korean BBQ and Steamboat at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

It's been a while since I have try the korean BBQ and steamboat in this Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant. One of the most important thing that is worth mentioning is the service provided by the waiters - although I can see that most of them are foreign worker.

Walking towards the Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant