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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Juicy and Tender Sirloin Steak at the STG Tea House Cafe, Ipoh

Last weekends, we celebrated my brother's birthday in advance at the STG Tea House Cafe. My mum suggested the place as we have never been to the place but we have heard of the place many times. STG (I supposed short for Sabah Tea Garden) is located at 2, Jalan Taman Kinta, Chateau Garden, Ipoh 30250, Malaysia but I believe finding STG Tea House Cafe in most of the GPS will get the direction to the location. The cafe is actually an old bungalow with quiet and peaceful surrounding.

Although the place is famous for its tea, I did not order tea, but instead cafe latte and I found that the latte is quite up to standard. I should have ordered a red wine to match the sirloin steak that I ordered, but most wines are sold in bottle only. The sirloin steak that I ordered was medium, although there are parts from the sirloin steak that I have was slightly overcooked.

The steak is served only in the black pepper sauce, with some vegetables and potato which is cut into small cubes as the sides .While those overcooked parts are harder to chew and savor the tenderness of the meat, most of the meat are properly done. The fat layer of the sirloin is melted properly into the meat making the steak juicy, tender and delicious, just the way I like steak.

Overall STG Tea House Cafe serves exciting steaks like the sirloin steak and the rib eye steak as well as most western food (some of which I will blog about it next time) and finally some local delicacies. The pricing of the food is rather high for Ipoh standard, but I think it is normal for fine-dining-like cafe. I'm pretty sure the place is more suitable for high tea event, so maybe one of these days I will go back to try the high tea.