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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kimuchi Ramen at the Sushi Zento at the Festival Walk, Ipoh

Whenever we mentioned Japanese food, the first thing that come into our mind will be sushi. I must agree that the sushi that I had with my family at the Sushi Zento is nice, but I'm not going to blog about the sushi at the Sushi Zento, instead, I will blog about the Kimuchi Ramen that I had as the main course.

The overall presentation of the Kimuchi Ramen is good and it looks tasty and you will feel like eating it from just the look of it.

The Ramen soup is kimchi soup, although it is not as sour as the normal kimchi that I had previously with some sesame seeds on top of the soup. The kimchi soup is not too spicy, which means it is suitable for even those who do not like spicy food.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chilled Spicy Chicken Szechuan Style at Dragon-I Restaurant

There is this chilled spicy chicken cooked in Szechuan style in Dragon-i that we ordered during our last visit in the Dragon-i outlet in the Cititel Hotel next to the Midvalley Mall that I like. I went to Chengdu before for business trip previously and I found that the Szechuan "Ma-la"-kind of spicy really suit me well although at first I don't really like it.

Szechuan cuisines are usually spicy and dried peppers (usually known as Chinese peppers or pepper flower) are frequently used in Szechuan dishes. It is usually very oily and each taste of the Szechuan cuisines will definitely burn your tastebud. The same goes to the chilled spicy chicken Szechuan style at Dragon-i outlet in the Cititel Hotel, I am pretty sure that the taste will slightly different from one restaurants to another, but usually negligible within the same franchise.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

RM1 Chicken at Dragon-I Restaurant

This March 2013, Dragon-I and Canton-I are having promotion of RM1 chicken - with almost no terms and conditions. Well, you just need to have three people dining at the Dragon-I or Canton-I after 6.00 p.m everyday from the 1st of March till the end of March. No minimum spending is required, so, hurry to grab the opportunity to try out this RM1 chicken at either the Dragon-I or the Canton-I outlets.

What I like about this RM1 chicken is that the portion of the chicken is actually not small. It is ranging from medium size to big portion - in fact it is the whole chicken, which means if you were to dine there with another two friends or family members, you don't even have to order other dishes. The RM1 chicken is actually part of the menu in the Dragon-I or the Canton-I restaurants, so even if the promotion ends, people can still order it. I only remember the chicken which is currently on promotion at the Dragon-I, since I dine there..... - it's the premium soy sauce chicken.

The chicken does taste good with the soy sauce and dipped with the ginger. The chicken is actually very fresh and the meat is tender and juicy, so you are actually getting standard products from the Dragon-I. My advice to those who are planning to have the RM1 chicken at either the Dragon-I or the Canton-I restaurants, just order additional one dish, if you go in small group and everyone is not heavy on food.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lamb Ribs at Tony Roma's At The Gardens

The other day I blogged about the fish and chips that I had at Tony Roma's during my visit to Kuala Lumpur as part of my mum's birthday celebration. Well, today will be the continuous of the food in Tony Roma's at the Gardens, and this round I will blogged about the lamb ribs that my parents had.

Well, my parents ordered a set of lamb ribs with honey plum glaze. The lamb ribs is served with rice and potato with coleslaw which is slightly different from the picture of the menu - it is served without the broccoli , but anyway the presentation of the food is nice overall. The lamb ribs actually looks tasty, with the slimy honey plum glaze oozing down the ribs but not so messy, so the overall plates do look neat and clean. The portion is actually big, I think the portion really worth the price we pay, so I wouldn't really complain much about it.