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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kim Chi Fried Rice With Beef At Wok Sifu

It's been a while since my last visit to the Wok Sifu outlet in Kinta City Shopping, if my memory serves me right, it should be about at least a year or two. To me, Wok Sifu is just like Kim Gary, Boston or Old Town which serves variety of food.

The menu cover page

Anyway, last weekends, I went to eat at the Wok Sifu, since we are like running out of option for a place to dine in the Kinta City Shopping Mall. For this round, I had kim chi fried rice with beef and Hong Kong "ying yong", which is a mixture of coffee and tea.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fish and Chips At The Tony Roma's At The Gardens

After few round of blogging about the Asian cuisine, I think it's time to switch gear a bit and talk about the Western cuisine. I've blogged few western cuisines before, but mainly on the grilled chops. So, I guess this round I want to blog about something different - ribs and seafood, and for today's post will be on the fish and chip that I had at the Tony Roma's.

Tony Roma's

It seems to me that ribs, seafood and steak are the specialty at the Tony Roma's at The Gardens in Kuala Lumpur. One thing for sure, dining here is pretty expensive - at least for my current paycheck.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prosperity Bento at Sushi King

During this Chinese New Year, definitely we will try out the Chinese New Year menu in restaurants or food outlets. Many franchise are doing the same as well.......even the Japanese food restaurants are promoting their Chinese New Year menu.

Well, even Sushi King is offering some of the Chinese New Year menu for limited time. My brother and I were hanging out together with our cousins from KL, and since we can't really recommend a better place to eat, we think it would be nice to have our lunch at Sushi King at the Ipoh Parade before going for our coffee session at the nearest Starbucks outlet.

Notice the rose shape salmon in this Prosperity Bento?

Anyway, I ordered a Prosperity Bento - which is part of the Chinese New Year menu. There is additional "yee sang" on top of the normal bento set. What I really like about the set is the salmon is wrapped into a rose shap, and so coincidentally yesterday was Valentine's Day, so coupled with the rose shape salmon, it completes the Valentine's Day atmosphere.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Famous Dim Sum at Foh San Restaurant, Ipoh

My brother blogged about dim sum in Ipoh previously - Hong Kong Dim Sum at Ming Court in Ipoh. The famous dim sum in town is the famous dim sum at Foh San (pronounced as Foo San) Restaurant. The restaurant is actually located opposite of each other and if you can find Ming Court, you can find Foh San and vice versa.

The Foh San Restaurant is nicely renovated, if compare to Ming Court and both restaurants are always crowded especially during the weekends or during the holiday seasons, and the situation is worse if either of the restaurant is closed during that time.

It's so crowded at Foh San Restaurant
Well, I went there again for the first time this year, and it was crowded, even though I went there early in the morning and we have to wait for a while until we have a table - some more is a small one, but still enough to fit the five of us.