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Friday, December 11, 2015

Recognition Dinner at the Farquhar Mansion, Penang

After weeks of hard work, my manager get the green light from the director to treat the team with good meal and the team decided to have fine dining experience at the Farquhar Mansion in Penang.

Farquhar Mansion is rated as the 2nd out of 1,112 restaurants in Penang island and also 2nd out of 1,214 places to eat in Penang island, so it's great to have fine dining experience at the Farquhar Mansion. For those who do not know where Farquhar Mansion is, the place is located directly opposite from the E&O Hotel, although my colleague told me besides E&O which cause me to round the same area three times. The exact address of Farquhar Mansion is at 33, Lebuh Farquhar, George Town, 10200 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. It is one of the two bungalow in the Mission Place.

The Farquhar Mansion Chef's Tasting Menu consists of multiple course meal ranging from appetizer to entree to dessert and if you are not a heavy on food, I think the portion served at the Farquhar Mansion will be sufficient.

We started off with some pre-appetizer which consist of pesto granita, followed by the air dry duck breast dipped in espuma asparagus mousse and finally the cod ball. I like the pesto granita and the air dry duck breast which I think taste a bit like bacon, but the deep fried cod ball maybe too dry for my liking. After that we are served with the bread and three flavored butter in which both I've forgotten the name (symptom of getting too hungry already).

Pesto Granita

Air dry duck breast dipped in espuma asparagus mousse

Deep fried cod ball


Then we are served with the oyster which has the capellini (the noodle) on top with caviar and cauliflower mousse blending in to complete the oyster. I really like the taste of this fresh oyster where the oyster just melt in the mouth. Unfortunately the oyster is not in the ala-carte menu.



After that we are served with the main appetizer which is the the Foie Gras, which includes duck rillette tartlet, port wine emulsion, apple salad and apple chutney. For those who are wondering how the Foie Gras taste, I don't like it a bit - the duck's liver taste very plain and bland and slightly bitter. Some people might like it, but definitely Foie Gras is not my type of food; though it is a good experience tasting it.

Foie Gras