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Monday, January 16, 2017

Restoran New Twenty-Twenty [Jalan Pandan Indah]

It is not so easy to find good hawker food in Kuala Lumpur as compared to in Ipoh. Anyway, over the weekend, YenLeng and I went to this food court, known as "Restoran New Twenty-Twenty" in Jalan Pandan Indah and found it to be quite acceptable, especially since it's a rare chinese food that open for 24 hours.

(FYI, there are quite a few of these food courts in the area so I'll probably frequent more of the others next time).

Anyway, the first thing I noticed about the place was that it's not clean (quite similar to most of the chinese hawkers place) and the coffee ice here is horrible, just like most of the places in KL. I didn't even bother to take photo of the coffee and it's RM2.30 for a Ice Kopi, totally not worth it.

Here's what I have though...."Ho Fun Ching Tong", or Kuey Teow soup with fish balls. 

I don't think it's the best that I had since there are better ones in Ipoh but it's really quite good in comparison to the ones I had in KL so far. It's not too cheap but at about RM6.70, it's really something I don't mind paying for the common food that I missed in KL. 

YenLeng ventured into the safe zone for her as she usually eat the Wanton mee...

Not too sure bout it but according to her, it was quite nice...but comes at a slightly more expensive price...about RM8 for this wanton mee...(I forgot to take the wanton in the photo). Not sure if it's worth the money but definitely something that she eats without complaining though.

Will probably explore more of these affordable food courts that taste good in KL. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Birthday Dinner at the S.Wine Wine and Dine at Publika, Kuala Lumpur

I have my birthday dinner at S.Wine Wine and Dine at Publika last few weeks and I must say, this place is definitely a must for pork lover. S.Wine mainstay is swine, and is highlighted basically on everything on the menu. Finding the place is not that difficult; although it is hidden inside Ben's Independent Grocer.

We've ordered the pork satay to share out but I don't really like it except for the first one because of the fat pork meat. Having said that, I think most pork lover will find the pork satay special because of the pork satay was grilled to perfection and then served together with the homemade pineapple peanut sauce.

Monday, March 21, 2016

D' Cruises Snow Steak at the Cruises Steak House

It is very rare that franchise chain is available in Ipoh before the capital city, but it seems that the Cruises Steak House which I assume originally from Penang has had more than ten branches in the Northern region and there is already some plan to expand to the Central region to the Southern region.

Nevertheless, the Cruises Steak House at the Aeon Klebang mall offer respectable steak and it's no wonder that the place seems to be full house during the dinner time, and a vast contrast compare to some of the other food outlet within the mall. The price of the food is reasonable; considering the environment and the quality of it. My parents especially my father likes the food that he ordered, on both occasion that we have been there.