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Monday, March 21, 2016

D' Cruises Snow Steak at the Cruises Steak House

It is very rare that franchise chain is available in Ipoh before the capital city, but it seems that the Cruises Steak House which I assume originally from Penang has had more than ten branches in the Northern region and there is already some plan to expand to the Central region to the Southern region.

Nevertheless, the Cruises Steak House at the Aeon Klebang mall offer respectable steak and it's no wonder that the place seems to be full house during the dinner time, and a vast contrast compare to some of the other food outlet within the mall. The price of the food is reasonable; considering the environment and the quality of it. My parents especially my father likes the food that he ordered, on both occasion that we have been there.

I personally like D' Cruises Snow Steak that I ordered which is also one of the signature dish of the Cruises Steak House. The ribeye steak was well marinated and you can actually eat the steak without the black pepper sauce that comes with it. The meat was tender and juicy enough that one will enjoy chewing the steak.

The medium rare signature steak

The steak comes with some sides, and I must say, the spicy potato wedges here taste very good and maybe even better than those wedges from KFC; many thanks to the MSG, I would say. The steamed vegetables complete the balance meal.

D' Cruises Snow Steak

Service wise, I would say so-so - slightly above average and the fact that the restaurant is hiring more locals instead of foreign labours  make it easier for us to talk to them and get our order correctly. Overall, I would say that the Cruises Steak House at the Aeon Klebang worth more visits as it is not easy to get affordable steak with decent price nowadays.

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