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Monday, February 2, 2015

Hong Kong Dim Sum BFB in Ipoh

Today, my mom, brother and I went for a new dim sum place in Ipoh. Not exactly new but we have never been to this one, and surprisingly, it was good. Before this, I normally would only go to Foh San for dim sum in Ipoh. 

While the environment here is definitely not as great as in Foh San, the food is as good, if not even better. 

the menu displayed...

The two of my favourite dim sum: fishball and char siew pau and they taste great.

The fishball looks great. The char siew pau is also very good. 

Besides that, my brother and mom also love the other foods served while we eat dim sum.

Here are the foods taken with my phone...yummy!! 

Perhaps the only downside to things are the environment...definitely doesn't bring out the atmosphere and environment like when I'm in places like Foh San, Dragon-i, etc....but the price is great. Kinda cheap for the great taste!! 

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