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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Curry Mee at Keng Nam Coffee Shop

If you happen to be stop by in Ipoh early morning and have no idea on what to eat, take a trip to Cowan Street and then you can see there are many famous hawker food around. One of it being the Keng Nam Coffee Shop.


The shop is located almost towards the end of the Cowan Street, and it's just walking distant from the Tower Regency Hotel. So, if you are staying in this hotel, you can get loads of food by just walking across the street, and there you go.......Keng Nam Coffee Shop. It is usually quite crowded early in the morning, so, if you wanted to have a taste of the curry mee in Keng Nam Coffee Shop, make sure you wake up early so that you won't end up disappointed.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Eight Course Meal at Prosperous Restaurant

Earlier of the month, my family and I celebrated my maternal grandmother's 79th birthday (80th in Chinese calendar) at the Prosperous Restaurant. If you do not know where the restaurant is located, it is actually just beside the Heritage Hotel in Ipoh.

Meals that we've ordered for the day

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jason's Food Haven

Since last few years actually I have been planning to start a blog on food, mainly about my food tasting adventure all over Malaysia, but mainly in Penang, Ipoh and KL where I usually will be around - and I found that good food from Malaysia are usually from these three areas. Well, I have been procrastinating for so long, so, I guess it's time I really start to blog about all the food that I have tasted over the last few years and moving forward. 

Food for me not only just to fill my stomach, but food also represents the culture and taste of people who resides in different places - thus even though we have same food in different location, these food might taste differ a little from one another......not only because the cook is different, but the culture and the taste of the people around the area will be different as well.

Food also represents the love and the fellowship of family and friends. Family and friends tend to gather around to have good food, either dine outside of the house or in the house where everyone will be gathering together with their own recipe for everyone to enjoy.