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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chew On The Signature From Ben and Lynette (B & L) Maison Patisserie

I posted about one of the must visit cafe in Ipoh, Ben and Lynette Maison Patisserie previously in this blog and although I don't really like the way the cafe only accepts cash for business, I still like the food there - and definitely one should not missed out on ordering the signature dish from Ben and Lynette.

There are two signature dishes from the menu and we decided to give the "Sandwich Train" a try. The Sandwich Train is actually a long sandwich served together with a bowl of potato wedges. I would say that the sandwich is about a-foot long, which reminds me of "foot-long" subs from Subway.

The Sandwich Train which reminds me of the Foot-Long Subs from Subway

I like the way the Sandwich Train was presented to us - on a  plastic chopping board; with the bowl of wedges residing at the corner of the chopping board as well as the sauce. It also looks delicious to be eaten when served this way.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mum's Birthday Celebration at Ben and Lynette (B&L) Maison Patisserie

Pastries and cafes are mushrooming in Ipoh recently and one of the must visit cafe in Ipoh is Ben and Lynette Maison Patisserie or also known as B & L in short. As the place seems to be special, we decided to have our had our mum's birthday celebration in this place during the weekends.

Ben and Lynette Maison Patisserie

Front view of B & L

The place has chic interior and vintage looking furniture with cozy ambiance; making it a suitable place for special occasion and catch up session with family and friends. We visited the place during evening session for was not too bright inside but I really like the Mediterranean lighting which makes the place cozy and not too dark either - just right.

Chic interior and vintage furniture

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Roast Tarragon Chicken at Alexis in Great Eastern Mall

Having lunch break in Alexis must an expensive one because the food portion that was served by the bistro and wine bar is not huge but it is a little bit expensive; although it is about the same as what you might be getting at The Apartment.

Alexis - Bistro and Wine Bar

Alexis - Bistro and Wine Bar

Alexis - Bistro and Wine Bar

Thursday, February 6, 2014

American Breakfast at the Mary's Kitchen, Cornelius, Oregon

The owner of Mary's Kitchen must be a huge fan of Elvis Presley because it is really obvious from the way the owner modeled the restaurant, which happens to be located at the Cornelius downtown. I can see a lot of pictures of the King of Rock and Roll almost all over the restaurant. I'm simply amazed with the collections once I stepped into the restaurant.

Elvis memorabilia

Still Elvis