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Monday, December 23, 2013

Golden Noodle at Sin Lean Lee Restaurant

It's holiday season and I am back home in Ipoh and I'm pretty excited as I can have all my time here food hunting around my hometown. Today I went to the Ipoh downtown or more commonly known as the Ipoh old town in Malaysia - this place has a lot of heritage building and a lot of good food.

I had the famous golden noodle from Sin Lean Lee Restaurant today as breakfast. Golden noodle as what the food is loosely called in Chinese is actually the fried flat noodle with the egg - and the presentation of the food makes it look like it is noodle with gold on top. I guess this is why it is called the golden noodle.

I can see the similarity between the golden noodle with the char kuey teow in terms of the ingredients - with prawns and cockles, but the famous char kuey teow from the northern region is usually dry where as the golden noodle is the wetter version of the char kuey teow.

I like how the golden noodle in Sin Lean Lee Restaurant taste, especially how well the golden noodle is cooked - you can definitely taste that the cook use enough "fire" to fry the noodle. I must say that the portion is on the smaller scale, judging by the high price that we pay for the golden noodle although I'm still full after finishing my noodle. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Panang Curry Chicken at the Thai Orchid Restaurant, Hillsboro, Oregon

I went to several Asian restaurants to have the taste of Asian cuisines during my visit to the United States and one of the Asian food that I have tried is the Thai cuisine from Thai Orchid Restaurant. Well, the Thai Orchid is situated close to Intel, so I actually went to Thai Orchid Restaurant on one of the day where my colleague and I work until late evening and decided to try something that will spice up our day and Thai food seems like a good idea.

The outside of the Thai Orchid Restaurant has an old cottage design like most of the buildings in Hillsboro, Oregon with the big restaurant billboard and with plenty of parking space - maybe because we are dining a little bit late. Inside, the Thai Orchid Restaurant was nicely decorated with the Thai look - so you will feel as if you were dining in one of the restaurants in Thailand.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pacific Northwest Fresh Seafood at McGrath's Fish House

McGrath's Fish House is one of the seafood restaurant in Oregon offering the Northwest original pacific favourite like salmon, halibut, red snapper, razor clams and oysters to catfish and prawns from the Gulf, to live Maine lobster and sea scallops from the East Coast, and even more exotic choices such as mahi mahi, swordfish, yellow fin tuna, sea bass and more. It is a great dining place with some of the best selection of fish and seafood as well as friendly staff.

During my last visit to the Cedar Hills Crossing shop, my friends and I waited for about 15 minutes before we were seated by the door person and given the menu. Since I'm a seafood lover, by just looking at the menu itself is already mouth watering and we were really spoilt with the handful selection of seafood.

I must say, overall the restaurant looks like an old cottage from fishing village and the wall is scribbled nicely as part of the decoration. It feels cozy in the restaurant, although like the Outback Steakhouse, the restaurant feels a bit too dark for my liking. Anyway, I think it is quite standard for the western restaurants and bistros.