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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pork Knuckle at Healy Mac's at Greentown Avenue, Ipoh

As most of us are growing up and work outstation, we might need to plan some special occasions on and off to accommodate everyone and for this year, we push out the Mother's Day celebration to do it together with my birthday, because it is just a week apart, so that my younger sister can join in the celebration.

Anyway, this round we had my birthday as well as Mother's Day celebration at the Healy Mac's Irish Bar and Restaurant at the Greentown Avenue. I will blog about the environment of the place, but in this post, I will blog about one of the dish that we ordered for that day. It is the pork knuckle and the portion served on that day was humungous.

The pork knuckle set

Presentation wise, the pork knuckle is served together with another plates of side dishes of salad and potatoes - so I would say the portion is humungous. It's very tempting the moment the food is served on the table. The plates are clean in the sense there is no food oil around the plates, although the overall presentation of the food might look normal, but it is clean.

The pork knuckle