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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chilling out at iMiirage in Ipoh

Today, my family and I went to chill out at somewhere special where we have ambience dining environment - at iMiirage. IMiirage, which by now must be one of the the place where people in Ipoh or stopping by in Ipoh to have fine dining experience, after heavily promoted through the social media like the Facebook. For those who are looking for this restaurant, it is actually located at the 2nd floor in the same building as the Nam Heong Cafe.

iMiirage is located just above the Nam Heong Cafe

Well, we don't really come for fine dining experience but rather just to drop by to chill out while enjoying the aquarium like environment; and in fact we are lucky not to have dinner here. It seems that meals were fully booked throughout the Chinese New Year season, so, if we were to really have our dinner or lunch here, it will be months after this.

We took a while to find the entrance - and the entrance is just behind the Nam Heong entrance, where one can see the lift which will bring a group of seven to eight people to the main entrance of the iMiirage. The ground floor entrance looks like clubs while the main entrance is pretty simple with a receptionist counter greeting the prospective customer before seating them.

I must say, the restaurant is pretty small - and the aquarium really surrounds the place, although in C shape; while the ceiling is decorated with small LED lights which make them look like stars. The tables and chairs are humungous, so the place cannot really cater for a lot of customers at one time.

While the place seems nice, the same cannot be said unto the desserts. We've ordered some desserts and few drinks, as there is a minimum amount to spend per person (RM25). In order to fulfill the quota, we ordered Vanilla Pot Crème Brûlée, Dark Chocolate & Almond Flourless Torte and Baked Cheese Cake with Berry Coulis -  and we all agree that the dessert can be better for the price that we are paying.

The creme brulee doesn't really taste like custard and I think it lacks of sweet taste in it. Although the dark chocolate and almond torte looks nice, I found it a bit too dry and I believe some of the cake from Secret Recipe might taste way better; maybe again due to the lack of taste with the torte. I don't really tasted the cheese cake, so I cannot really say much about it. My cup of coffee and cappuccino come with the size of one or maybe twice the espresso only - I can only drink once and then I'm done with it and the taste is not superb and the coffee fragrant was not there; although I believe a more suitable drink in places like this would be red, I cannot complain much.

Overall, I won't be recommending people to chill out at iMiirage, mainly due to the minimum spending required, but then again one can actually visited the place just for the ambience of the restaurant, while not expecting much from the desserts. Of course, I might have my dinner there one of the day in near future, and my perception towards the place might have change after that. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hong Kong Dim Sum BFB in Ipoh

Today, my mom, brother and I went for a new dim sum place in Ipoh. Not exactly new but we have never been to this one, and surprisingly, it was good. Before this, I normally would only go to Foh San for dim sum in Ipoh. 

While the environment here is definitely not as great as in Foh San, the food is as good, if not even better. 

the menu displayed...

The two of my favourite dim sum: fishball and char siew pau and they taste great.

The fishball looks great. The char siew pau is also very good. 

Besides that, my brother and mom also love the other foods served while we eat dim sum.

Here are the foods taken with my phone...yummy!! 

Perhaps the only downside to things are the environment...definitely doesn't bring out the atmosphere and environment like when I'm in places like Foh San, Dragon-i, etc....but the price is great. Kinda cheap for the great taste!!