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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Birthday Gift from Kim Gary's Members For the Month of July

My father has Kim Gary's membership card and this month is his birthday month, so he is entitled to order the free fruit punch complimentary from Kim Gary. Note that this is not any ordinary fruit punch, and you won't be able to order it from the Kim Gary menu, at least I don't see it as of yesterday.

The fruit punch consist of mainly the watermelon, as fruit as well as the watermelon juice, with some can fruits like pineapple, Nata de Coco, and pearl all inside the watermelon shell. The food was presented in a luxurious way and the portion can be shared to about four people.

If you are Kim Gary's member and so happen to have birthday this month, don't miss out the opportunity to try out the fruit punch. It's free anyway.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Wondrous of Jalan Yau Tet Shin

Jalan Yau Tet Shin

It must be a surprise that I am blogging about a street in Ipoh, but this street is hard to be missed especially to those who stopped by Ipoh. Reason being, the Jalan Yau Tet Shin is famous for its mouthwatering hawker food and it is a must stop by area when someone passes the quiet town of Ipoh. In fact, one can easily see a lot of local tour buses stopping by for the people to dine and pack some of the local favourites confectioneries back home.

Famous Lou Wong Chicken Taugeh

Ong Kee Restaurant

Onn Kee Restaurant - with aircond

Prominent figures also dine at Onn Kee

The famous giant bean sprout of Ipoh

The street will be crowded almost every day when the Ipoh Famous Taugeh-Chicken (taugeh is the Malay word for bean sprout) such as Lou Wong and Onn Kei is open. The two shops previously opened after dinner time until midnight but now the official business hour is from 10a.m onwards, and the most surprising thing is, we actually get this piece of information from people out of Ipoh.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stewed Chicken Szechuan Style at Dragon-I Restaurant

During one of my visit to the Dragon-i Restaurant, I realized that the Dragon-i Restaurant, which is supposedly to be a Shanghainese restaurant, has the menu consists of a lot of Szechuanese style food. Anyway, since we have so many different type of Szechuanese food to choose from, we've decided to order a Stewed Chicken Szechuan Style - I'm not sure of the exact name displayed in the menu, though.

Dragon-i, the restaurant with the tag "A culinary experience unlike any other" really make the the dining experience in any of the Dragon-i restaurants throughout Malaysia special. The same goes to the food that the restaurant served, in this case the Stewed Chicken Szechuan Style. The chicken is served in a claypot and the claypot continue to be heated using a portable gas stove. This is to maintain the aroma of the dish.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dinner at Crab House, Ipoh Garden East.

Last weekends there is a surprise visitor to our family, hence we had our dinner with him nearby our house at the Ipoh Garden East, in fact, the restaurant is just walking distant from our house, just across the street and then voila - you have reached Crab House. I believe Crab House is in fact quite popular or famous, well, at least among the people around the area. When we go inside the restaurant, all the tables are fully booked, but one of the person in charge in the restaurant give us a table because the customer will only be there after 8 p.m, so we kinda have about an hour and a half.

That was actually my second visit to the restaurant, the first was lunch session and even then, it seems packed at that time. So, we ordered the signature chicken dish, vegetable, toufu, lala as well as some crabs - since we are eating at the Crab House, definitely we need to try out the specialty of the house. 

The toufu that we ordered is pretty nice, although I do not know what it is called, since I'm not the one ordering, my father did the dish ordering. The toufu is fresh - an indication that the restaurant business must be good that they don't keep toufu overnight. The sauce that mixed to the toufu with small shrimp and beans is indeed a good match to the toufu, giving the plain taste of the toufu some "flavour".

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Espetada Rustica at Nando's

I blogged about free Espetada set at Nando's during Father's Day month, which is in June (the promotion period actually runs from the 4th of June and throughout June). Well, besides the regular Espetada set, one can actually order the Espetada Rustica set, which is about 10% more expensive.

Espetada Rustica - served together with corn-in-the-cob and three bean salad

Like the regular Espetada, Espetada Rustica is also served on a skewer holder and the servings are skewered with skewer and this display actually makes the Espetada so special, well, at least to me. Caution though, the skewer is hot - a proof that the servings went through a very thorough grilling process before serving to the customer. Like the regular Espetada, the Espetada Rustica is also comes together with two side dishes, in this case, we ordered the corn-in-the-cob and the three bean salad.