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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sukiyaki at the Sushi Zento at the Festival Walk, Ipoh

My last visit to the Sushi Zento at the Festival Walk in Ipoh was more than a year ago and my elder sister decided to give the family a treat at the Sushi Zento after she got her master study grant money from the government last week. And so we were shown to our seat by the waitress. One thing I find it a bit funny is that the Sushi Zento here is almost full every time we came, and we were slotted around one hour for our table as the table was booked.

Anyway, it's an hour window time, so we place our order and since I've ordered Kimuchi ramen during my last visit to this outlet, I decided to order something else - and I found that the Sukiyaki looks quite interesting in the menu and so I ordered the Sukiyaki set.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Li Yuan Dim Sum Restaurant, Ipoh

There is a dim sum restaurant in Ipoh and I would say that the taste of the dim sum from the restaurant is not bad and can really match the famous dim sum from Foh San and Ming Court. It is the Li Yuan Dim Sum Restaurant and the restaurant is located at the Ipoh Garden East area; opposite the Festive Walk and although the shop is small, it was full most of the time and at the time of my visit to the restaurant.

Reuse of bamboo steamer as decoration

In my opinion, the owner decorated the shop like most of the coffee shop or small dim sum shop in Hong Kong. In fact, it doesn't looks much like dim sum restaurant except because of the arrangement of the bench and tables. One of the difference between Li Yuan Dim Sum Restaurant and Foh San Restaurant is that in Foh San Restaurant, you can actually ordered the dim sum whenever you see the trolley with the dim sum passes by, whereas here you need to pre-order the dim sum.

Monday, September 15, 2014

IndoChina Food at the Golden Triangle Restaurant at Auto-City, Juru

The Golden Triangle Restaurants at the Auto-City, Juru provides us the taste of IndoChina cuisine;  although at a premium price. For example, the pineapple fried rice already cost us almost RM20 and the portion is not humungous, it was just normal, or small to many.

The restaurants are well design with sculptures and design taken from various part of IndoChina; although I would say that mainly from Thailand and a fact that makes me think that the restaurant actually serves only the Thai food until I visited the restaurant for the first time. The menu written authentic IndoChina cuisine; but I would think that the food served in the restaurant might be localized.

For one, I have tried the pineapple fried rice twice from the Golden Triangle Restaurant and in my opinion, the pineapple fried rice that the Golden Triangle Restaurant offered is not the same as most of the pineapple fried rice that I had before elsewhere. The pineapple fried rice was not sprinkled with some chili powder and served together with some cashew nut. Basically the pineapple fried rice is just a normal fried rice with some pineapple slices served inside a pineapple.