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Friday, January 17, 2014

Palatable Traditional English Fish and Chips at Uncle Albert's

I was at Straits Quay the other day to kill some time while waiting my sister to check into the airline last Sunday. While it is true that we have quite a number of choices for lunch, but it also took us to walk around Straits Quay before we finally decided that we will try the lunch set at Uncle Albert's.

The lunch set includes a main course, soup of the day and home made brown bread coupled with a glass of ice lemon tea. We ordered two different sets of main course - Catch of the Day, which is the fish and chips and Roast Quarter Chicken.

I must say, the fish and chip served is much better than most of the fine dining restaurants that I've went before and of course the portion served is humungous. The fish, is fried until crunchy; while preserving the freshness of the fish and the fish meat feels so succulent that it felt like it will melt on your mouth once you have a bite. I think that the fish was marinated with herbs before or during the cooking session because I swear that we do not need to squeeze any lemon juice onto the fish before tasting the fish, and yet the fish taste extremely delicious and it's mouth watering tasting the fish.

Overall, I think that the lunch set indeed worth every penny because you actually get huge portion of food, and the fish served there is indeed fresh.