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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Marianis at De Garden, Ipoh

For those who are trying to find restaurants serving Italian food (besides Pizza Hut or any pizza franchise), I think one should give Marianis a try - I'm recommending the restaurant based on the taste of the food served at the restaurant. I would say that the price of the food and beverages served in the restaurant is pretty steep.

The restaurant is located at De Garden and De Garden is located opposite of Kinta City - the most popular Aeon in Ipoh, and if my memory serves me right, Marianis is located at where Papa Rich and Papa Mia was located before.

As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I can tell that the food gonna cost a bomb; although there is a saying of never judge a book by its cover. The restaurant was well-decorated, spacious and chandelier-lit and it has a very baroque-meets-modern feel to it. There are different kind of seating that the restaurant offers - from lounge sofas to proper sit down dining to bar top tables. (Too bad I don't really get a lot pictures taken due to low battery on my trusted iPhone 4).

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Steamboat At The Treasure Pot Restaurant In Ipoh

This year, we celebrated our father's birthday at the Treasure Pot Restaurant in Ipoh. The restaurant is located in the newly developed leisure zone in Ipoh Garden East - the Festival Walk. We come out with the plan to have the dinner celebration here is because we recall the smell of Sichuan's food whenever we pass by the restaurant whenever we had our dinner somewhere nearby the restaurant, and also because my father likes to have steamboat.

We order the set for six, with two types of soup - spicy and herbs. I remember it was called the Yin Yang soup in China. I have always thought that the spicy soup will taste somewhat like those I have had when I was on my business travel to Chengdu few years back due to the smell, but to my disappointment, it was not. The spicy soup was not all that bad, it is just that I was hoping some Sichuan style spicy soup. The good thing about it is that since the spicy soup is slightly localized, I'm pretty sure the level of the spiciness might just suit most locals. 

We also ordered a side dish - the "Kam Heong La La" - which is a type of shellfish stir fried in dry chilies. Lala or the shellfish fish is quite commonly cook in this way especially from Chinese chefs. The "Kam Heong La La" is mouth watering from just the look of it and taste good and the portion that we had is bigger than the one we usually had in Gourmet Square, and considering the environment and price we pay for it, I would say the "Kam Heong La La" from the Treasure Pot Restaurant worth every penny that we pay compare to Gourmet Square.