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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Aglio Olio Prawn Spaghetti at Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate, Kulim

I have never heard of Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate until few months back when I first went there with few of my colleagues to have early birthday celebration to one of them. The Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate was just around the Kulim town for about months, so, I'm glad that there is some place where I can stop by to have my dinner once a while since the food and drink there are actually pretty pricey.

There is one food which I find it quite good is the aglio olio prawn spaghetti. The spaghetti is lightly oiled making the noodle smooth enough that you can swallow it directly. As it is aglio olio, the spaghetti was served with some spices rather than the traditional tomato sauce.

I like the portion served as well, just right as well as not too stingy with the prawns. I have about 6 pieces of the prawn meat and the prawns are medium size and to be honest the prawns are fresh. Maybe because the grocery mall connected to the Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate, C-Mart is providing the Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate with the freshest prawn that they have. Anyway, the prawn feels bouncy and succulent that was not overcook as the chewing of the prawn is not that bad.

At the price range between RM10 and RM20, Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate's aglio olio prawn spaghetti is definitely worth tasting; but definitely not the kind of meal that I will want to have every night as it will burn a big hole to my pocket. Overall, I definitely will try some other spaghetti's on the Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate menu as I heard the spaghetti are awesome.