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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Street Food From Night Market In Taiwan

I traveled to Taiwan for a family vacation and I was told by a lot of my friends that Taiwan is famous for street food at the night markets. So, during our trip, we actually scheduled few nights to have our dinner at some of the famous night markets around the area before we go to our homestay.

During one of the night market outings, I take the opportunity to take the snapshot of the night market and food and I'm thinking it might be good to share something different once in a while. Enjoy.

Seems like this is the famous lok-lok, we waited for like 30 minutes to get our food

Some fresh, pricey prawns

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Seafood at the Lucky Restaurant, Ipoh

During our quarter three department outings, the team decided to have a one day play-and-eat trip in Ipoh and my colleague suggested that we have our lunch at the Lucky Restaurant after the Laser Battle game at the Ipoh Parade. I was skeptical at first, mainly because I have never heard of the restaurant before but the dining experience there really change my opinion towards the food.

The Lucky Restaurant was situated along the Jalan Pasir Puteh, at a corner lot and it's just right at the opposite of a petrol station, right before the traffic light heading to Jalan Pasir Puteh school and the market.

We were served with dried fish as appetizer (which unfortunately I did not take the picture of the appetizer). I'm surprise with the speed of the service as well, as it did not take long before we were served with roasted pork. Next, we were served with the prawn wantons. I am not sure whether most of us are very hungry that we finished the dumpling and the roasted pork within minutes the food is served. Since I never eat the roasted pork, I cannot comment much on the roasted pork. But the prawn wantons taste exceptionally well with the fresh succulent prawns.

Roasted pork
Bouncy fish ball

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sukiyaki at the Sushi Zento at the Festival Walk, Ipoh

My last visit to the Sushi Zento at the Festival Walk in Ipoh was more than a year ago and my elder sister decided to give the family a treat at the Sushi Zento after she got her master study grant money from the government last week. And so we were shown to our seat by the waitress. One thing I find it a bit funny is that the Sushi Zento here is almost full every time we came, and we were slotted around one hour for our table as the table was booked.

Anyway, it's an hour window time, so we place our order and since I've ordered Kimuchi ramen during my last visit to this outlet, I decided to order something else - and I found that the Sukiyaki looks quite interesting in the menu and so I ordered the Sukiyaki set.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Li Yuan Dim Sum Restaurant, Ipoh

There is a dim sum restaurant in Ipoh and I would say that the taste of the dim sum from the restaurant is not bad and can really match the famous dim sum from Foh San and Ming Court. It is the Li Yuan Dim Sum Restaurant and the restaurant is located at the Ipoh Garden East area; opposite the Festive Walk and although the shop is small, it was full most of the time and at the time of my visit to the restaurant.

Reuse of bamboo steamer as decoration

In my opinion, the owner decorated the shop like most of the coffee shop or small dim sum shop in Hong Kong. In fact, it doesn't looks much like dim sum restaurant except because of the arrangement of the bench and tables. One of the difference between Li Yuan Dim Sum Restaurant and Foh San Restaurant is that in Foh San Restaurant, you can actually ordered the dim sum whenever you see the trolley with the dim sum passes by, whereas here you need to pre-order the dim sum.

Monday, September 15, 2014

IndoChina Food at the Golden Triangle Restaurant at Auto-City, Juru

The Golden Triangle Restaurants at the Auto-City, Juru provides us the taste of IndoChina cuisine;  although at a premium price. For example, the pineapple fried rice already cost us almost RM20 and the portion is not humungous, it was just normal, or small to many.

The restaurants are well design with sculptures and design taken from various part of IndoChina; although I would say that mainly from Thailand and a fact that makes me think that the restaurant actually serves only the Thai food until I visited the restaurant for the first time. The menu written authentic IndoChina cuisine; but I would think that the food served in the restaurant might be localized.

For one, I have tried the pineapple fried rice twice from the Golden Triangle Restaurant and in my opinion, the pineapple fried rice that the Golden Triangle Restaurant offered is not the same as most of the pineapple fried rice that I had before elsewhere. The pineapple fried rice was not sprinkled with some chili powder and served together with some cashew nut. Basically the pineapple fried rice is just a normal fried rice with some pineapple slices served inside a pineapple.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Marianis at De Garden, Ipoh

For those who are trying to find restaurants serving Italian food (besides Pizza Hut or any pizza franchise), I think one should give Marianis a try - I'm recommending the restaurant based on the taste of the food served at the restaurant. I would say that the price of the food and beverages served in the restaurant is pretty steep.

The restaurant is located at De Garden and De Garden is located opposite of Kinta City - the most popular Aeon in Ipoh, and if my memory serves me right, Marianis is located at where Papa Rich and Papa Mia was located before.

As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I can tell that the food gonna cost a bomb; although there is a saying of never judge a book by its cover. The restaurant was well-decorated, spacious and chandelier-lit and it has a very baroque-meets-modern feel to it. There are different kind of seating that the restaurant offers - from lounge sofas to proper sit down dining to bar top tables. (Too bad I don't really get a lot pictures taken due to low battery on my trusted iPhone 4).

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Steamboat At The Treasure Pot Restaurant In Ipoh

This year, we celebrated our father's birthday at the Treasure Pot Restaurant in Ipoh. The restaurant is located in the newly developed leisure zone in Ipoh Garden East - the Festival Walk. We come out with the plan to have the dinner celebration here is because we recall the smell of Sichuan's food whenever we pass by the restaurant whenever we had our dinner somewhere nearby the restaurant, and also because my father likes to have steamboat.

We order the set for six, with two types of soup - spicy and herbs. I remember it was called the Yin Yang soup in China. I have always thought that the spicy soup will taste somewhat like those I have had when I was on my business travel to Chengdu few years back due to the smell, but to my disappointment, it was not. The spicy soup was not all that bad, it is just that I was hoping some Sichuan style spicy soup. The good thing about it is that since the spicy soup is slightly localized, I'm pretty sure the level of the spiciness might just suit most locals. 

We also ordered a side dish - the "Kam Heong La La" - which is a type of shellfish stir fried in dry chilies. Lala or the shellfish fish is quite commonly cook in this way especially from Chinese chefs. The "Kam Heong La La" is mouth watering from just the look of it and taste good and the portion that we had is bigger than the one we usually had in Gourmet Square, and considering the environment and price we pay for it, I would say the "Kam Heong La La" from the Treasure Pot Restaurant worth every penny that we pay compare to Gourmet Square.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wat Tan Hor at Tuck Kee Restaurant at Jalan Yau Tet Shin

I had my dinner at the Tuck Kee Restaurant at the famous Jalan Yau Tet Shin, and I recalled that I haven't blog about the wat tan hor and the fried hor fun from this place. The fried hor fun here is not the same as the char keoy teow (or kuetiau)  although both dishes have the same cooking material - some seafood and most importantly the flat noodle (kuetiau).

Char keoy teow that is very famous in Penang are usually spicy and dry, while the famous fried hor fun in Ipoh is usually slightly wet and is not famous - and wat tan hor is fried hor fun in the mixture of soup and eggs.

Wat Tan Hor

By the time we reached Tuck Kee about less than an hour after the shop is open, the place is already full house and luckily for us, there is a table of customers who were about to leave. My father ordered the bean sprout which I deemed is a mistake.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Aglio Olio Prawn Spaghetti at Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate, Kulim

I have never heard of Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate until few months back when I first went there with few of my colleagues to have early birthday celebration to one of them. The Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate was just around the Kulim town for about months, so, I'm glad that there is some place where I can stop by to have my dinner once a while since the food and drink there are actually pretty pricey.

There is one food which I find it quite good is the aglio olio prawn spaghetti. The spaghetti is lightly oiled making the noodle smooth enough that you can swallow it directly. As it is aglio olio, the spaghetti was served with some spices rather than the traditional tomato sauce.

I like the portion served as well, just right as well as not too stingy with the prawns. I have about 6 pieces of the prawn meat and the prawns are medium size and to be honest the prawns are fresh. Maybe because the grocery mall connected to the Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate, C-Mart is providing the Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate with the freshest prawn that they have. Anyway, the prawn feels bouncy and succulent that was not overcook as the chewing of the prawn is not that bad.

At the price range between RM10 and RM20, Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate's aglio olio prawn spaghetti is definitely worth tasting; but definitely not the kind of meal that I will want to have every night as it will burn a big hole to my pocket. Overall, I definitely will try some other spaghetti's on the Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate menu as I heard the spaghetti are awesome.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Grilled Boneless Chicken at Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant

 Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant is one of the bistro and restaurant which was inspired by the Beatles; which I find it quite interesting - something not common in Malaysia; and reminds me of Mary's Kitchen which was inspired by another icon, Elvis Presley.

I was so tempted to try out the food in Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant for quite some time and last Saturday I finally decided to give it a go and drive all the way to Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant which is located in the Sunway township at Seberang Jaya. The shop is located at 6-GF, Lebuh Tenggiri 2, Pusat Bandar Sunway, 13700 Seberang Jaya. It's within walking distance from the Sunway Carnival Mall - so one can always park the car in the mall and walk there.

Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant

Wood paneled wall decorated with Beatles collectibles

Terracotta red color wall with Beatles collectible

The restaurant’s terracotta red and wood paneled walls - which is pretty unique, exude a warm, cozy yet sexy ambient while its bar is tucked unobtrusively into a corner. I was tempted by the menu which consists of western fare such as fish and chips black angus tenderloin, sausages and garlic mash, and a variety of pasta dishes.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Large Prawn Noodles at Kedai Makan Sow Mui

It was quite a surprise for me that when my brother told us that we can get large portion of prawn noodle one of the day during our visit to Kuala Lumpur when we were still deciding where to go for breakfast. And so, we decided to give the prawn noodle a try.

This prawn noodle stall is at Kedai Makan Sow Mui which is located in the village somewhere at Kuala Ampang; about 5-10 minutes drive from our condo. You can use Waze to find the location as it is in foursquare as well. It is hard to get parking here, so once you reach the village, it is best to quickly get a parking almost anywhere you can get. Don't expect to park right in front of the shop because I'm pretty sure it will be full. The place is still crowded when we reached there although it was past breakfast hour - my brother and I wake up late as we stay up late to watch football the night before that.

Kedai Makan Sow Mui

According to my brother, the fish porridge is also the specialty of the coffee shop

The place is still crowded although it's past breakfast time