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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Grilled Boneless Chicken at Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant

 Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant is one of the bistro and restaurant which was inspired by the Beatles; which I find it quite interesting - something not common in Malaysia; and reminds me of Mary's Kitchen which was inspired by another icon, Elvis Presley.

I was so tempted to try out the food in Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant for quite some time and last Saturday I finally decided to give it a go and drive all the way to Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant which is located in the Sunway township at Seberang Jaya. The shop is located at 6-GF, Lebuh Tenggiri 2, Pusat Bandar Sunway, 13700 Seberang Jaya. It's within walking distance from the Sunway Carnival Mall - so one can always park the car in the mall and walk there.

Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant

Wood paneled wall decorated with Beatles collectibles

Terracotta red color wall with Beatles collectible

The restaurant’s terracotta red and wood paneled walls - which is pretty unique, exude a warm, cozy yet sexy ambient while its bar is tucked unobtrusively into a corner. I was tempted by the menu which consists of western fare such as fish and chips black angus tenderloin, sausages and garlic mash, and a variety of pasta dishes.

Anyway, to play it safe, I ordered the most ordinary meal that I will do if I'm not quite sure how the food might taste, so I get a grilled boneless chicken with a cup of cappuccino. The owner talk to me for a while before I have my food and drink, and I decided to leave my email to the owner so that I can know of the latest events of the Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant and maybe some new dishes introduced.

Top view of the grilled boneless chicken

After few minutes of waiting, I was served with the grilled boneless chicken and the food was nicely decorated. The chicken was on top the mash potatoes and some beans and the food looks mouth watering just by looking at it. 

Another view of the grilled boneless chicken

The food, not just only have the look and feel; when I taste a bit of the chicken, the grilled chicken is simply delicious. The chicken thigh is fresh and was prepared expertly, and indeed boneless as mentioned by the menu. The gravy taste slightly sour, just slightly but I like it very much as I'm often serve with either mushroom or the black pepper sauce, so I would say that the gravy is unique here.

I would say that although the food and drink here is a bit pricey, given the portion served; but the money spent here is well worth it. The food is simply awesome couple with the nice environment, I will not hesitate to dine in Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant again.