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Sunday, November 25, 2012

[Wine Recipe] - Roselle Wine Recipe 24_11_2012

I was thinking to do something different for this blog during the weekend, and something pops up in my mind which is to post the wine recipe. There are so many wine recipe around that it will be too difficult to keep track and at the same time, I would love to blog about it, so that I can use the wine recipe that can provide me with the taste of the wine that I wanted in the future. Well, I can just treat it like another type of log book for this "experiment".

Anyway, to make wine for home usage, it is not that tedious, just that you will need to have the correct recipe with the correct material, then voila, you can start making your own wine. Of course, for high volume production, it will be another story as it will involves a lot of machines and stuff like that.

Roselle wine

So, here goes the recipe and the way to make the roselle wine that my mum tried yesterday.

  • 1.8 kg roselle 
  • 800 g raisins
  • 5 liter water
  • 10 pieces of yeast biscuit
  • 650 g rock sugar

1. First, wash the roselle (can just rinse the roselle with water) to remove some dirt which might still stick to the plant.

The roselle were put inside a pail and then rinse with water.

2. Next, separate the roselle seed from the calyces. Only the calyces needed for the wine making process while the seed is not required.

My mum and sister separating the roselle seed from the calyces.

3. Then, pour the water that was prepared earlier into the pot and then mixed it with the calyces and then you can fire up the stove and start boiling the mixture of water and roselle calyces.

Boiling the water and calyces in a big pot.

4. Put the required amount of rock sugar into the pot and stir to ensure that the sugar is properly dissolved. Wash the raisins and then pour into the pot of mixture of water and roselle calyces and then stir again.


Awaiting to pour raisins into the pot.

Stir to ensure that the sugar is properly dissolved.

Slowly put raisins into the pot.

5. Break the yeast biscuit into powder form and keep the yeast into a barrel for storage purposes.

Breaking the yeast biscuit into powder form.

6. Once the mixture of the water, roselle calyces and raisins are boiled, cool it before storing it for at least 100 days of fermentation.

The roselle wine is ready for 100 days fermentation.

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