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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Seafood at the Lucky Restaurant, Ipoh

During our quarter three department outings, the team decided to have a one day play-and-eat trip in Ipoh and my colleague suggested that we have our lunch at the Lucky Restaurant after the Laser Battle game at the Ipoh Parade. I was skeptical at first, mainly because I have never heard of the restaurant before but the dining experience there really change my opinion towards the food.

The Lucky Restaurant was situated along the Jalan Pasir Puteh, at a corner lot and it's just right at the opposite of a petrol station, right before the traffic light heading to Jalan Pasir Puteh school and the market.

We were served with dried fish as appetizer (which unfortunately I did not take the picture of the appetizer). I'm surprise with the speed of the service as well, as it did not take long before we were served with roasted pork. Next, we were served with the prawn wantons. I am not sure whether most of us are very hungry that we finished the dumpling and the roasted pork within minutes the food is served. Since I never eat the roasted pork, I cannot comment much on the roasted pork. But the prawn wantons taste exceptionally well with the fresh succulent prawns.

Roasted pork
Bouncy fish ball

We were also served with fish ball. I like the fish ball here because it's handmade from correct mixture of fish and flour. In fact, the fish ball is so fresh and juicy and bouncy that most of us failed to really use the chopstick to pick it properly and in order to get the fish ball, one have to poke the fish ball with the chopstick so that the fish ball will not bounce away.

The noodle served with prawn meat is one of the many dishes that I like. Based on what I tasted, I believe the noodle is the same as wanton noodle (egg noodle). The noodle is served together with the fresh juicy prawn meat mixed in creamy egg broth.

Fish ball noodle

"Group" photo of the claypot fish ball noodle. They serve so fast that I missed the part where the fish ball noodle is still in the claypot
After that, we were served with the claypot fish ball noodle and this dish is special in the sense that the noodle was made from the fish ball, served together with fish in soup. The soup must have been cook together with the fish for quite some time, giving it enough taste and I actually like the taste of the fish as well, as it was really fresh and I don't remember tasting "mud" like in some other restaurant.
Claypot crab porridge

I did not get to take the porridge in the claypot, so just take a "group" photo

Finally, we are served with the claypot crab porridge and this dish is where you have to dirty your hand to hammer and smash the crab shell in order to eat the crab meat. The porridge was smooth and creamy and have just enough taste that I don't need to add seasoning to enhance the taste of the porridge.

I would definitely recommend people traveling to Ipoh to try the food in the Lucky Restaurant as the dishes are special and overall the price is just reasonable - within RM20 to RM30 per person, although it can go higher depending on what kind of seafood that you ordered.

Lucky Restaurant (Non-halal)
266a, Jalan Pasir Puteh, 31650 Ipoh


  1. looks tempting all right...just too bad it is not HALAL or I could have visited it the next time I was in IPOH...

  2. Looks good! Yup! agreed with Miera on this. if only there are more HALAL food that are on par with these when it come to the taste...