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Monday, May 30, 2016

Birthday Dinner at the S.Wine Wine and Dine at Publika, Kuala Lumpur

I have my birthday dinner at S.Wine Wine and Dine at Publika last few weeks and I must say, this place is definitely a must for pork lover. S.Wine mainstay is swine, and is highlighted basically on everything on the menu. Finding the place is not that difficult; although it is hidden inside Ben's Independent Grocer.

We've ordered the pork satay to share out but I don't really like it except for the first one because of the fat pork meat. Having said that, I think most pork lover will find the pork satay special because of the pork satay was grilled to perfection and then served together with the homemade pineapple peanut sauce.

We also ordered the English pressed roast pork with crispy skin and I can assured you that for those who enjoyed the Chinese roast pork (siew yuk), this is basically the western style of siew yuk. It consists multiple layers of fat which the top layer is roasted into crispy skin. The roast pork is served together with potato slices and bacon.

I actually ordered pan-roasted pork chop with spinach but I ended up swapping it with my dad's peaches and cream; although I'm not sure while both dishes are pork chop, peaches and cream pork seems to be on the lean side while the pan-roasted pork chop meat is on the fat side. Because of this, I will not comment much on the pan-roasted pork chop.

Peaches and cream is basically bone in pork chop (which might explain the leaner pork) on sauerkraut bacon mash and is served together with arugula, orange and peach wedges and is served with orange cream sauce. This dish is my favorite dish at S.Wine. The leaner pork meat is marinated and grilled to perfection coupled with the creamy orange cream sauce that will definitely leave one's mouth watering. 

Finally, we were rewarded with two bowls of bubur cha cha as dessert - well, I must say I'm not a dessert lover but my parents told me that the bubur cha cha is slightly overprice as it lack of ingredients. Luckily the bubur cha cha is free, courtesy HSBC credit card for spending over RM150 at the S.Wine.

Overall, I find the ambience at the S.Wine quite nice and relaxing, and very suitable for pork lovers to gather around for dining and wine and although the price tag might be slightly higher, you are eventually paying premium for the fresh pork.

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