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Friday, August 16, 2013

Seafood at Port Village Seafood Restaurant at Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang

When we were ask what is the famous food that people can get in Klang, usually the first one that come to everyone's mind is the Bak Kut Teh. Not many of us from outside of Klang realized that Klang is also famous for its seafood. Well, finally I got a chance to have the taste of the seafood in Klang when I went for a holiday in the Federal Territory last week. The seafood restaurant is Port Village Seafood Restaurant at Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang.

Port Village Seafood Restaurant

The idea of having the seafood for dinner at Klang was brought up by my sister's boyfriend when we had our dinner together at the Suria KLCC mall. And so we all met up at my aunt's condo's area and start the journey to the restaurant before six in the evening and we reached the destination just in time for dinner; with not many customers at the Port Village Seafood Restaurant.

My first impression of the place? Well, I will be kidding myself if I think that it is full air conditioned, in one big building; as now we are talking about fresh seafood, so I was expecting something like the Tanjong Tualang. The thing that I don't really like about the place is the bumpy car park, which is not tar road - but this definitely won't impact the appetite on food.The restaurant does have its advantage as it is in the port area, we can actually see the port activities just the opposite of the restaurant, although not much going since I went there during the evening and it's the holiday season, but still we can see some big cargo ships.

Cargo ships view opposite of Port Village Seafood Restaurant

However, we opt to sit inside one of the two air-conditioned rooms, so I can't really take many photos of those cargo ships. I would say that the service is efficient from menu ordering till the food is serve, and I can say that the food is served in minutes, which I think part of the "strategy" for the restaurant so that the customers time in the restaurant will be shorter and turnover will be higher generating them more profit.

Cuttle fish marinated with curry powder

So, back to the food, my personal favourite of the day is the cuttle fish. The cuttle fish is fresh and is well marinated with curry powder and it is served together with the sauce matching the taste. One must really try dipping the sliced cuttle fish into the sauce to savour the mixture between sweet and sour taste of the sauce with the curry powder that is well marinated onto the meat; although I can say that the marinated cuttle fish on its own is good enough.

Crab cook with oyster sauce

Crab cook in a traditional way

We also ordered two different cooking style of crab one of it is the traditional cooking style that comes with a plate of man tau, the man tau purpose is to dip into the gravy to savour the crab gravy. I think that this idea is kinda neat, as people who is allergy to crab can still taste the gravy, as gravy actually the one that makes up the most on how a crab will taste. Another crab dish that we ordered is cook with the oyster sauce, so you can expect the crab meat have the oyster sauce taste. The crabs are actually very fresh.

Fried mantis prawns

Butter fried prawns with curry leaves

Prawns and the mantis prawns taste normal to me, maybe because we ordered the butter fried prawns with curry leaves and fried mantis prawn. The fried mantis prawns is the most usual and common way to cook mantis prawns, so it might not gives one surprise, but it does taste good.

Although we also order non-seafood dishes like the vegetable and egg, but I won't go further into it as I'm blogging about the seafood for this post and it's kinda lengthy post for this one. Port Village Seafood Restaurant serves not only decent seafood, but at the same time one can enjoy the Port Klang view while having the meal. One piece of word of advice though, go earlier as the restaurant is fully packed after 8pm.

Port Village Seafood Restaurant packed with customers

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